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Italian Marble Medallion on Foyer

Italian Marble Medallion on Foyer

As a homeowner, there is a million and one simple ways to dress up your house without breaking your bank. For instance, a special Italian marble medallion foyer can do magic in home. It enhances the quality and appearance of your marble floor and the house in general. Just like the name suggests, this beautiful medallion brings with it the conventional touch of the Italian heritage. It is a special way to give your house a unique Italian look that compliments any other interior design. Furthermore, it can be used in different rooms without having to make any serious changes to the existing décor elements. If you want to give your hallway, living room, or dining room a new look, consider putting in an Italian marble medallion design on foyer floor. 

A room stands out if it has elegance and mystery combined together. This marble floor design is considered as the embodiment of fashion, value and uniqueness. It adds timeless beauty and style. The unique patterns and mosaic inlays are done by hand to ensure they fit in perfectly for that special customized look. Every medallion is made of pure Italian marble whose quality is unsurpassed. Its bright colors work well with special lighting to create a magical element of beauty. 

The entire Italian marble medallion design comes with a charming floral pattern designed to offer an ambience of comfort, luxury, and style. Another feature that makes this Italian medallion stand out is the pronounced blue color inserted artistically to bring out the mosaic pattern. With the well blended mixture of blue, golden brown and red colors, the medallion foyer design looks reflective and glossy, giving your house a sense of freshness and sparkle. It is therefore considered as the easiest and most effective way to transform a rather plain room into an adorable space full of life. 

The Italian marble medallion foyer design is viewed as a sign of peace and order thanks to its creative color mosaic. You don’t have to go for complex designs in an attempt to make a statement; a simple Italian medallion foyer will help you create the right impression on your visitors and at the same time enable you to create a timeless indoor design. Only exceptional quality Italian marbles are used in the creation of this medallion, thus ensuring that it lasts different seasons and does not develop any visible seams. It’s a great way to save money.

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