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Fantastic Details on the Limestone Entrance Surround

Limestone Entrance

Unlike most of our products, this is a cast limestone entrance surround. We are renowned for our superior quality solid rock products. But then we had to do something different. We are an all rounded company. This stunning entrance surround is made from a mixture of refined crushed Spanish limestone mixed with cement as a binder.

Although it is a cast limestone product, the main ingredient is actually Spanish limestone. This gives this elegant entrance surround its natural limestone look. The surround looks and feels exactly like a 100{b0aa4ec2117f0a848711703351b5270c6c5dbe6c0966df4008116c5765e334b2} Spanish limestone entrance surround. It is a good reproduction of what “mother nature” has to offer to mankind.

The cast limestone entrance surround is specifically created to adorn your custom built home in the wonderful and pristine surroundings of Toronto, Illinois and Florida. The entrance surround will help create a grand entrance into your custom built home with its cathedral design. The creamy shades of the Spanish limestone used add personality and character. The stunning shades are surely going to make a dramatic difference in the look of your luxury home.

The shades also make it easy for you to include a variety of attractive colors, shapes and patterns outdoors. The piece comes with a unique European column design. It features two columns on each side of the entrance i.e. one to the right and another to the left. The columns are quite sturdy with a block like appearance. These beautiful columns speak volumes about the kind of stability that the entrance has to offer. On the other hand they also provide a great expression of good taste and sense of style.

Comfort and style sets the mood around the surround. The design of this cast limestone entrance surround balances functionality with sophistication. With this entrance surround you will easily beat the need to create a casual, comfortable and well decorated outdoor space. The surround with its extended portico will help you create an outdoor space that is both practical and stylish.

Being a customizable product, this entrance surround can be crafted from pure Spanish limestone. It can be chiseled out by hand from blocks of Spanish limestone, just for you. This premier quality product can be availed in a variety of sizes including any custom sizes. Adjustments to the design can also be made so that it fits perfectly with the design of the door. For more details about this Cast Limestone Entrance Surround, kindly call us at 1-888-272-0630.

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