Indiana Limestone Exterior portico in new jersey

Indiana Limestone Exterior – Portico

Indiana limestone is renowned for its outstanding physical properties. The stone is very hard and is known to withstand the harsh elements of weather. It is a product of nature that is capable of maintaining its luster under all conditions. Anything crafted from it can last for generations. The stone is also known to offer some very lovely natural colors. Beautiful and hardy with a premier price to match.

The Indiana limestone exterior – Portico is a product that exudes class, prestige and honor. It is the best product for your luxury home’s exterior. This larger than life Indiana limestone product is crafted from premier quality Indiana limestone. The all chenille white limestone offers a lovely neutral relaxing outdoor retreat. The tone of the stone presents a great background for all other pieces of décor which blend in easily. The color value that bubbles from this exterior design is breathtaking.

Like you probably know, size really matters; this design is complimented by two massive columns on each side. The columns have been artfully carved from enchanting pieces of Indiana limestone. The columns offer your posh custom built home with the elegance and support that it needs. This is a top of the line product. Everything that you may have wanted in an outdoor column is aptly provided by this one of a kind design.

The exterior product is a true architectural masterpiece that will adorn any custom built home in the heart of Illinois. This is a culturally themed product that delivers a unique visual appeal. It possesses a great potential, it can transform any ordinary exterior into an extraordinary looking exterior. With the Indiana limestone exterior, you can easily add a dash of your personality into your custom built home.

The exterior design is flat with a variation in size per coarse. The variation is size is done deliberately to provide a stunning finish to your home. For a fine texture, the limestone finish uses uniformly sized aggregates.

This Indiana limestone exterior design can be provided in any custom size for your custom built home. There is also room for you to decide on the type of limestone that you want. Other possible options at your disposal include French limestone, Spanish limestone and Italian limestone. Anything and everything that you want can be done. To learn more about the Indiana Limestone Exterior - Portico, please give us a call at 1-888-272-0630.

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