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The Distinctive Indiana Limestone Door Surround

Indiana Limestone Door Surround

A home is the place that you retreat to after a hard day at work. Adding Indiana Limestone Door Surround in your custom built home has the ability to bring out serenity in the home. limestone is always charming and fashionable.

Door surrounds in vintage designs are exactly what is needed in your home. Door surrounds are important elements in entrances capable of evoking the spiritual importance of your home. The Indiana Limestone Door Surround will add greatly to your high end home’s design.

The Indiana limestone door surround though vintage in look, helps maintain peace and forge harmony between old world charm and contemporary styling. This door surround has a significance and symbolism that exceeds the importance of its practical functions. This door surround features a simple color scheme – clear white that is accented by gray with more sophisticated designing. The color scheme will quickly and easily become part of your home’s interior and exterior.

The piece is built on a strong foundation of strength and style. The door surround is architecturally treated with columns to evoke a feeling of strength and stability. Crafted from the most palatable limestone mined within the borders of the United States, the Indiana limestone door surround is a genuine American product. This door surround is built to last. It is a fine piece of art that is carefully chiseled and adorned with a brick pattern.

The door surround will beautifully accent the outdoors and the interiors. It will work beautifully with the low trimmed shrubs in your garden and the oversized pavers to give your home a decidedly and remarkably contemporary feel. The door surround will also help play down the role and importance of the garage door and the welcoming driveway, creating a new focal point outdoors.

The surround can also be crafted from other varieties and types of limestone including the awesome Spanish limestone, the stunning Italian limestone and the famous French limestone. The fact that this piece is going to be installed in your custom built home is reason enough to get it in a custom size. You even get exclusive lines of definition as your signature to welcome you and your guests. For more information about the Indiana Limestone Door Surround, please give us a call at 1-888-272-0630, where we gladly provide all the assistance that you need.

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