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Luana White Marble Mantel

Luana White Marble Mantel

We all love the classical French styles. They seem to have a magical appeal to the eye and turn a rather plain room into an expensive space with a romantic appeal. It is for this reason that the custom French style white marble mantel continues to feature in almost every house today. Homeowners have realized how easy it is to upgrade their homes with a decorative marble mantel. The good thing about this French style mantel is that it is highly versatile and can be used in almost every room.  This design gives a homey touch with a mixture of artistic patterns across the frieze. It’s a perfect way to ensure your fireplace retains a classical look with extra simplicity and elegance. 

Customizing your room with this custom French style marble mantel adds a unique appearance to the house leaving every guest envious of your great taste and style. Which other better way to personalize your living room than to install a custom-made French style marble mantel? Such an elaborate fireplace mantel is surely a perfect way to attract attention in your living room. Furthermore, it comes with some dramatic carvings that will catch the eye of whoever visits your house. It is also painted in neutral colors to ensure it complements other existing décor elements in your house. You do not have to keep replacing your fireplace every time you have a new décor idea since it can easily blend in. 

Another reason why most homeowners are going for this masterpiece is because it has proved to be a cost effective upgrade. Although you are going to spend a few bucks purchasing a custom French style marble mantel, you will be able to save on any additional expenses because it will take you decades to consider replacing your fireplace mantel. The fact that this piece of art is made from natural marble makes it durable and highly resistant to damages. It also has some timeless designs that will remain valuable for many years into the future. 

If you are therefore looking for ways to give your living room a timeless appeal, then the custom French marble mantel is a great choice for you. Every design and pattern you see on this masterpiece has been cut to your desire and is exclusive to your house. The greatest maintenance task that you will be required to perform on this mantel is regular clean-up.

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