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Antique 320 French Limestone Fireplace Mantle With Over

French Limestone Fireplace Mantle With Over

Antique 320 French Limestone Fireplace Mantle with over is a fantastic product that is sculptured from french limestone. Limestone is a natural product that carries with it a premium price. The stone is great for accenting custom built homes. The limestone in its natural state is a spectacle to watch. With the craftsmanship that characterizes this fireplace mantle, the mantel will provide your space with focal point that suffers a high quality finish.

Antique 320 is a product that is skillfully and artfully designed to deliver a simple, causal and comfortable decorative piece that is also practical. The mantle is string and durable. The French limestone used to sculpture the mantel will stand years of use and even abuse. This product also ensures that the heat from the logs is evenly distributed in your home. This is where practicability comes in. Antique 320 is not a piece that is meant to deliver an intriguing focal point but it is meant to deliver the benefits of a cool, complete fireplace.

This piece is in medium tones which do not show stains easily. If you want you can also have it in dark tones which will help conceal stains. However, the piece can basically be made from any tone that tickles your fantasies. But, medium to dark tones are preferred in this instance for the reasons noted earlier. When it comes to colors they appear lighter on large surfaces, the deeper shade on this humongous fireplace mantle supports this assertion.

Antique 320 French Limestone Fireplace Mantle with over is a product that can extend all the way to the ceiling. The stylish pillars on the fireplace mantle are quite detailed. The details on the pillars have been artfully created by hand. Smooth rounded edges help accent the pillars. A perfect symmetry is also created between the mantle shelf and the filler panels and hearth. The craftsmanship on this magnificent fireplace mantel is clear to see.

Ultimately with the help of this beautiful fireplace mantle in your lavish home in the heart of Chicago your firebox is going to receive a worthy complement for all the minimalist details. This mantle comes in a standard overall size of (W X H) 74” X 58” (not include over mantel) and an opening size of 48” X 42”. To learn more about Antique 320 French Limestone Fireplace Mantle with over,please call us at 1-888-272-0630.


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Overall Size: (W X H) 74"X58"fireplace opening Size: (W X H)48"X42"

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