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TRILOGY Cast Limestone Modern Cando Fireplace

Trilogy is a beautiful contemporary free standing limestone condo fireplace mantel. The material is cast stone which design to bring a concrete look to your loft. Cast stone is manmade limestone. This fireplace has two colors to bring a focal point to your living room. The two colors are very modern design. The double glass is for extra protection and can be ordered separately. It is thin cast stone, so the fireplace is very light and moveable. You can change the decor of your home every often to your feeling. The sand glasses under the refillable alcohol containers are wonderful and help bring the design to life. These alcohol containers will burn up to 4 hours straight. The limestone surround of the frame is for decoration and can be used as a shelf during the Christmas season to hang stockings or put out cookies for Santa. It is vent free so it will be extremely light and you can take it with you even when you move. The stainless steel back plate is great for this unit because the alcohol will not stain any part of your fireplace. This fireplace has a hearth to protect your marvelous floor from the heat. This fireplace gives out enough heat to warm up your apartment atmosphere. It is amazing how the smallest of touches can bring out the best in your life.

Product Specifications

 Approximate Dimensions

Size: (W X H X D) 50.5"X40"X14.5"

Weight: Approx 80 Lb

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Lead Time

Six Weeks