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STAR 48″ Round waterjet cut star marble medallion

Star 48 round waterjet cut star marble medallion is a product that is immaculately designed. Finesse is evident in every aspect of the floor medallion. This is an exclusive product that is tailored for the discerning home owner. It is exclusively made in premium Italian marbles. The floor medallion does everything that an ornate product is meant to do as part of art décor. The star medallion brings with it timeless beauty and elegance.
The elaborate patterns on the piece have mostly been done by CNC water jet machine. For a more precise cut high powered water jet cut machines were used to ensure all the details were as clear as they ought to be.
Evidently this is a floor medallion whose detailing is somewhat traditional in its traditional round shape. The medallion includes a larger than life image of a nice, heart smoothing shining star. The star is encapsulated in a huge border. The medallion’s strength makes it a great addition in any high traffic area within your luxurious home. The strength is derived from the stone’s formation in which it is subjected to high temperatures for many years under the earth. This particular floor medallion is very resistant which makes it ideal for your kitchen as well.
Star 48” round waterjet cut star marble medallion is a fine product that is light without being too bright. The colors on the product are mixed so well without being too drastic a contrast. The color palates on the piece have worked out really well. The colors are some of the less common ones on marbles. The large star on the piece is crafted in a mixture of cream with light medium brown glazing and Emprador Light and Dark. Every little detail on the piece is perfectly placed. The aged color treatment on the piece makes up for a breathtaking finish.
Standard diameter sizes for the marble medallion are 36”, 48”, 60” and 72”. You can also get this product in any custom size. Even the thickness can be worked on so that the medallion can be flushed with the surrounding flooring. For more information about the Star 48” Round waterjet cut star marble medallion go to Marvelous Marble Design, Inc.

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Diameter can be 36",48",60",72" and any custom Size

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Max 6 Weeks