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EMILIA Round water jet cut Marble flooring Medallion

EMILIA Round water jet cut Marble flooring Medallion

Emilia round water jet cut marble flooring medallion is a fine architectural element that is destined to transform your custom built home. This medallion is designed for use in your luxury home. This is a five star product with all the fine touches of a masterpiece. It is the work of a master craftsman, the best in North America. Nothing on the medallion has been left to chance. Everything has been meticulously taken care of. 

The Spanish marble from which it is crafted from brings instant visual appeal into your space. The marble has a sparkle that refuses to dim even under the darkness. This stone is mined from Pinoso, in southeastern Spain. The stone is warm and smooth to the touch. Being a high quality stone, the stone is able to clearly display all the details. 

The flooring medallion’s design is simple yet sophisticated. Crafted in a simple circular shape the medallion includes complex hand crafted floral patterns. The floral patterns are in emperador dark juxtaposed against crema marfil zafra. Done on the backdrop of crema marfil, the floral patterns are stunning.  

The classic circular borders add beauty and warmth into your home. The result of which is a classic look that beautifully complements your home’s ultra-modern yet organic décor theme. The medallion’s graceful curves will add elegance into any room that they grace. You can install this stunning flooring medallion in any room of your choice. If you want this medallion outdoors, some polishing may be required to make it more resistant to the elements. 

Your personal taste and personality are perfectly reflected in this amazing Spanish marble flooring medallion. In giving emphasis to precision, this marble flooring medallion was water jet cut. You can’t go wrong with the Emilia round water jet cut marble flooring medallion. This Spanish marble medallion makes a bold statement about your style and strength. The geometric borders pair so well with the small round elements inside the two borders to create a harmonic centerpiece. 

This nonlinear marble flooring medallion comes in standard dimensions of 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches and 72 inches in diameter. The thickness on this Spanish marble flooring medallion can also be customized to allow it to be flushed with the surrounding flooring. If you feel like you want the design crafted in a different stone like Italian marble, just say so. For more information about this unique round water jet cut marble flooring medallion, call us on 1-888-272-0630.

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Diameter can be 36",48",60",72" and any custom Size

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