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Round Limestone Window Surrounds

Support the finished exterior of your lovely custom built home using the beautiful Round Limestone Window Surrounds. The surrounds as the name suggests are crafted from pure, solid Indiana limestone. This is the real deal, genuine Indiana limestone. By surrounding yourself with these surrounds you will be giving yourself a life of distinction.

The greatness in these window surrounds is not only in the stone from which they have been crafted from but also from the workmanship that they exhibit. These are a statement making architectural masterpieces.

True to their name, they are crafted from Indiana limestone. The stone becomes case hardened the moment it is quarried as it dries up. The hardening of the stone makes it more resistant to weathering and outdoor elements. Whatever the weather, warm or cold the stone stands strong. It gets through the storm without getting damaged. This is why Indiana limestone is a highly regarded building material. These window surrounds will withstand the test of time, they are harder and more durable than the typical limestone surrounds.

These window surrounds are crafted in a way that offers you a product with a plain head. The plain head leaves the window surrounds looking and feeling fresh. It is a totally different kind of surround from the usual. The surrounds’ design fills each piece with timeless beauty. The stone has oxidized to a light tan which is very attractive. The natural light tan is breathtaking and is great in the creation of optical illusions. The stone’s ability to hold fine detail is fully exploited by the craftsmen. The light detailing and charming border lines on the surrounds are quite clear.

These impressive limestone window surrounds are rich in aesthetics. The beauty in the surrounds can best be brought out by black clad windows. With black clad windows the surround add a touch of elegance and grace. However, you can still have them with any other color around them. But keeping brightly colored window clad away would work very well in bringing out the best out of these architectural components.

These Indiana Limestone Window Surrounds are available in a range of sizes for all custom built window openings in your home. These are products that are going to provide you with unsurpassed personal satisfaction. If you would like guidance or additional information about the Indiana Limestone Window Surrounds, please feel free to call our design professionals at 1-888-272-0630.


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