custom water jet cut marble floor inserts for luxury foyer

ROSSI marble floor inserts

The Spectacle that is ROSSI marble floor inserts Do you want to get rid of the rugs from your custom built luxury home? Rugs can be cool but then there are products that are more suitable for luxury homes! Let the rug get out! Rossi marble floor inserts are wonderful pre-made floor designs that will replace the rugs aptly. The floor inserts are a display of beautiful marble mosaic. The designs are made from high quality italian marbles bianco Carrara with different colors and textures. These do not look too ornate or anything close to the usual mosaics. They are very unique; several pieces of different superior quality Spanish marbles are used to create the product. These are pieces that are crafted by the best stonemasons. The masons use marbles to showcase their stellar artistic skills. This marble mosaic is a great decorative piece that will sit perfectly in your luxury home’s foyer. It will help to create the perfect mood in your home as the guests are ushered in. The design is quite elaborate with a refreshingly modern visual appeal. The floor inserts have soft colors and a boarder that is also in soft colors. The breathtaking patterns on this piece are a representation of success and ultimate bliss. At the very core of the floor design is a circular Indus gold. The circular pattern at the center will draw your attention to the design. Dark emperador next to Indus gold is used effectively for a greater visual effect. Crema marfil tones also make their mark on this stylish piece. Crema marfil is used on various areas of the design including the area outside the Indus gold circular centerpiece. This is a fine décor for your home. The bluish marbles on the outer most patterns finally helps deliver some sense of serenity. These marble floor inserts will add character as well as style in your foyer or entry way. The design offers a fun entry way that is filled with finesse. To elicit more attention to the beautiful architectural trims, colors and patterns, you can paint the outer rim of the insert with a matching color. This particular floor design goes very well with black complimenting railing. These floor designs come in a standard size of 36” X 36” plus all other custom sizes that you may need. The beautiful floor patterns can also be customized. To learn more about Rossi marble floor inserts visit Marvelous Marble Design, Inc.

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Possible Dimensions
The Size will be 36"X36" and any other custom Sizes

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Lead Time

Six Weeks