old world Italian marble medallions

ESPOSITO italian marble medallions in luxury foyer

Esposito is one of the very common surnames in Italy. The name has a rich history that is shrewd in mystery. This beautiful Italian marble medallion is named Esposito and it carries with it elegancy and mystery. The Esposito is bound to become the epitome of beauty and attraction in your custom built home. These elegant medallions are created from top quality Italian marble. This one of the few natural stones which are free from geological flaws.

The entire piece has been worked on by hand to deliver magical elements. At the very core of the medallions’ design is a lovely floral pattern with beautiful blossoming flowers. The flowers are in glowing yellow and a fine shade of red. The flowers are designed to create an atmosphere of luxury around your home. Immediately next to the blossoming flowers are the marvelous floral patterns in a pronounced light blue tone. The color blue is a color of peace, trust and order. The floral patterns also feature additional colors in Egyptian yellow, and a shade of brown.

These Italian marble medallions in luxury foyer will help make it easy for you to create the ideal indoor space. The medallions feature a mixture of several top of the range Italian marbles in different colors. The exceptional quality marbles used ensures that there are no visible seams between the individual marbles. The marbles are assembled as tightly as possible.

The design incorporates marbles in white, black and brown tones all perfectly balanced to create one fine floor solution for your custom built home’s foyer. Esposito features two circular patterns located at the center of the design. Moving to the outer levels of the design you encounter at least two elegantly designed borders in navy blue. Next to these borders are simple yet stylish zigzag patterns in imperial gold. The intricate design is crafted by hand to deliver a spectacular focal point right in the heart of your foyer.

These Italian marble medallions come in a standard size of 36” X 36”, a perfect square to enrich your luxury home. In addition to the standard size you can get these medallions in any other custom sizes that want to address the needs in your luxurious foyer. The design can even be customized to enable the medallions’ installation indoors. For more information about the Esposito Italian marble medallions in luxury foyer, kindly contact us at 1-888-272-0630.


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