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MARSEILLE Custom Design Stone KItchen Hood

Marseille Custom Design Stone kitchen hood is a striking range hood with a strong French heritage. The name Marseille is realistically French. The mention of France brings to mind the city of romance – Paris. But, there are other lovely cities in this nation – France a nation associated with love. 

Marseille is another lovely city in France. It is the second largest city after Paris. Marseille is a rich port city with an amazing rich historical value. The range hood christened Marseille brings these aspects into your luxury kitchen. 

The limestone range hood is sculptured from… well, you guessed right French limestone. The limestone bubbles over with color, with cutting edge curves and linear features. This stone is used in the creation of accessories for modern high end homes and luxury kitchens. The stone is renowned for its strength and ability to withstand abuse. 

The hood features a sleek French design that is quite unique. This product is designed for the multicultural urbanite with a rich taste for fashion. Ho yes! Marseille custom design stone kitchen hood is a fashionable product that allows you to make a bold fashion statement! Anyone who sees it in your luxury kitchen will certainly get to know your sense of style and fashion. 

Marseille is a highly decorative stone range hood with practical functions in the kitchen. The stone kitchen hood draws the eye to the very soul of your kitchen, the hearth. This French limestone range hood will fill your home with love. Its calm demeanor will be the talking point. Its soothing white color with no visible veining reaches out to give you a peace of mind. 

Marseille is a magnificent range hood. It is a very strong streamlined range hood with a simple rectilinear design. It includes an elegant shelf with a wide arched opening. Close to the arched opening is a large stack with a thick tunnel borderline. The borderline is aptly supported by two sturdy pilasters. The subtle architectural details on the range hood make it more stunning. This range hood aims at showcasing your luxury home as the ultimate place for comfort. 

The stone kitchen hood is particularly suited for situations where space is a limiting factor. This gigantic masterpiece can be sculptured and sized to meet your specific measurements. For more information about Marseille, not the city but the range hood, please get in touch with our support staff at 1-888-272-0630. 

Product Specifications

48" Range or Stove:
Overall Width:70"
  36" Range or Stove:
Overall width:60"
60" Range or Stove:
Overall Width:90"

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Lead Time

Max Six Weeks