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Marble and Onyx Floor Design on Shower

Marble and Onyx Floor Design on Shower

As a homeowner, you always have the liberty to improve the status of your home and make it better. But as you go on with your home improvement plans, you should never overlook the need to remodel your shower. Times are changing and new bathroom trends are coming up every day. To give your bathroom a new and stylish look, try the celebrated marble and onyx floor design. It not only gives a rather rundown bathroom a new lease of life, but also makes it look spacious and welcoming. It’s a rather complex floor design with a mixture of several shiny colors put together in an artistic way to create a flower design.

Only onyx and marble can allow you to stretch your imagination far and wide. It is well known that no two onyx pieces look exactly the same. They vary in color, texture, and shape. This gives the designer an opportunity to create outstanding floor designs, which look even better when mixed with marble pieces. Your shower requires a mixture of unique colors and patterns to look lively, comfortable and warm. The new marble and onyx floor design on showers offers a creative layout of well cut pieces of gems whose colors are professionally combined to prevent clumping.  

We all want to have spacious, luxury bathrooms where we can spend quality time relaxing and freshening up. But with the limited space in modern homes, it is not possible to enjoy this privilege. However, interior designers have devised ways to make your shower look bigger and luxurious with the marble and onyx floor design. The mixture of bright colors makes the room appear spacious and expensive. Furthermore, these colors compliment the special bathroom lighting to make your shower look even bigger. They also create an atmosphere of freshness that will last through the ages.  

Given the fragile nature of the two stones, your bathroom floor will feel soft and smooth. This design leaves the floor glistening, especially in spaces with bright light. Light colored onyx and marble pieces will actually shine, with the special light penetrating somewhat into the floor, thus illuminating the entire surface with a malleable gloom of light. The marble and onyx design enables you to have a beautiful shower floor that will last through ages without losing its value. Onyx and marble are timeless gems that will turn a rather dull shower into an attractive and colorful space that’s full of life.

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