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French Limestone Floor Tiles

French Limestone Floor Tiles are some of the most lavish flooring designs to have adorned some of the greatest landmarks on earth. Yes, some of the greatest landmarks on planet earth are decorated using limestone floor tiles.
A bit of history will certainly help shade light on these marvelous pieces of stylish craftsmanship. Did you know that a number of countries have had their era of greatness in architectural splendor using natural stones?
Some of the countries which have left a mark with their architectural elements include Egypt, Italy, France, Greece, Spain and Portugal. These countries have used limestone for many centuries. In France limestone was used to build theatres, coliseums and arenas.
Today, French limestone is used in contemporary architecture in many landmark buildings and structures around the world including the base of the Statue of Liberty and the Grande Arch. Sorry, for the long history, but it was necessary to help show you exactly what you will be getting from these French Limestone Floor Tiles. The tiles are crafted for use in monumental buildings. They carry with them the prestige of many years of architectural creativity.
The floor design features a simple design which makes the tiles suitable for use in any part of your custom built home in Ontario. These floor tiles have a nice French look. The floor designs deliver exquisite surfaces. These are certainly flooring designs that any luxurious home can do with. The surfaces are not only gentle to your feet but also great to look at. They offer a one of a kind focal point.
These hand caved French limestone floor tiles add old world warmth. The tiles are made from pure natural stone with no additives. The best French limestone is used to create these tiles. The colors on the stone are exactly as the stone looks while in the mines. The colors are not tempered with to ensure a truly natural looking, beautiful floor tile is delivered. This is where elegance meets with bald boldness.
The limestone features crystal veins which contrast with the warmth of the French Vanilla tone. The outcome of the veining contrasting with the beautiful tone brings a tri-dimensional look into your home. The tiles are available in a range of sizes including cut to size. Because of the strength and durability of French limestone, you are assured of a product that will last for generations.
To learn more about French Limestone Floor Tiles, go to Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

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