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French Limestone Floor slabs

The Essence of Class in French Limestone Floor Slabs
Slab floors come in different forms giving you a whole wide range of flooring designs to choose from. They are designed in a way which ensures you enjoy great thermal comfort and a host of other lifestyle benefits. They are simply great.
Slabs are generally great in most climates, and they work particularly well in hot climates.
They are great for interior and exterior flooring. French Limestone Floor slabs are the best products that you can use for premium flooring in your high end custom built home. These slabs are also quite spectacular on walls. You can have them in your bathroom, kitchen or the living room’s floors or walls.
The French limestone’s muted tones will help provide your luxury home with a clean and comfortable feel all around. These particular floor slabs are made from genuine French limestone. They are true stone slabs. Everything about and on the slabs is provided by nature.
These amazingly designed French Limestone Floor slabs are humbling in every sense. The material from which they have been created from is mined in the home of the world’s most converted limestone. The limestone is soft and smooth to the touch. But these qualities do not make it brittle, they just make it right for your home.
The limestone with its homogenous and compact structure offers a sturdy and long lasting visually appealing floor. The homogeneity of the stone brings an entirely new feel of power and control. The stone’s veining on the other hand is elegant. The slabs are offered in light or dark colors. The breathtaking colors of the stone bring an element of awe and fascination.
The design is rather simple yet sophisticated and hip. The design and detailing on the stone is the work of an accomplished installer. Being a product made from natural stone the product’s color, shading and veining have not been altered. This is done to provide you with a product that is as natural as possible.
This premium flooring option comes in a variety of colors and sizes to provide you with a product that addresses your needs fully.

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