water jet cut marble medallion in New york and california

CATANIA water jet cut marble medallion design

The Catania water jet cut marble medallion design a flooring solution that is specifically tailored to provide the right focal point in your custom built home. Any high end customized home will benefit from the awe arousing nature of the water jet cut marble flooring. This floor medallion with its beautifully detailed patterns is crafted from ornamental Spanish marble. The stone is elegant in its natural form. It carries with it some lovely nature inspired patterns with a unique flow to them.

The Spanish marble used to create this ornate masterpiece is rock solid to ensure that you only get to have the very best in your luxury home. The marble is sturdy and easy to clean, a swipe with a clean cotton clothe will do. This natural stone is steeped in tradition and it comes at a premium: all the more as to why you should have it in your custom built home. The design is crafted for use indoors. But, with some minor adjustments to the design this medallion can aptly adorn the exterior.

The floor medallion mixes the sophistication of the natural Spanish marble with the supremacy of glass. The stone gives the water jet cut marble flooring medallion its definition and character. The intricate water jet cut patterns on the design superimposed on the backdrop of natural patterns from nature creates detailing that is very unique. All the artwork is done on a beautifully colored marble in imperial gold, rojo Alicante, dark blue and imperador dark that works to enhance the overall effect of the artwork.

Created in a rectangular shape the medallion’s shape helps to shift focus from the rest of the room. With its subtle change in tones from dark to medium to light, this floor medallion delivers a perfect contrast in color. The greatness about this lovely water jet cut marble flooring design is that it reveals much more than just your style and personality, it reveals confidence, poise and enthusiasm. The powerful floor design works wonderfully in Florida and Los Angeles.

The flooring design is delivered in a standard size of 32” X 48” plus any other custom sizes tailored specifically for you. This water jet cut marble flooring solution can also be crafted from marbles from other parts of the world including the magnificent Italian marbles and the stunning Turkish marbles. For more information about the marvelous Catania Water Jet Cut Marble Medallion Design, kindly get in touch with us at 1-888-272-0630.


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The Size will be 32"X48" and any other custom Sizes

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Six Weeks