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White Limestone Building Facade

White Limestone

Come to think of it there is a place for the norm, what is to be expected and the exception. The same can be said when it comes to custom home building. However, in the world of exclusive home building the exceptions seem like the norm. It pays to actually turn things on their head, so to speak, and to have a custom built home that that is filled with surprises.

Let us face it, we often make compromises when it comes to our spaces to make them look and feel more acceptable to our family and friends. Exterior décor, just like fashion should remain a form of self expression. The operative word here being “self”. To make your home’s exterior your own, dare to be different and take whatever degree of risk to express yourself.

The White Limestone Building Facade provides you with the leeway to make a distinctive home. The exterior design is crafted from the magnificent white limestone, mined from Europe. Any architect would be happy to work  with the white limestone . The stone provides a delicate balance between the custom built home and the other natural elements outdoors.

This limestone exterior will create a new focal point in your outdoors with its high quality craftsmanship. This is a product that is going to brighten your home beyond your wildest dreams. The white tone of the stone ensures that whether there is sunshine or its simply dull, your home will always be radiant. The smooth limestone is scaled down and it offers a honed stone exterior that is breathtaking. The honed finish also provides a noticeable improvement in tonal variations.

This is the best alternative to fake, faux and other lightweight products that are cheaper for now, but more expensive in the long term. The exterior limestone project is built to last. The stone used here is certainly heavy and is engineered by nature to last a lifetime.

This indiana limestone exterior design can be provided in any custom size to fit the needs of your luxury home. Depending on your taste of natural stone, this lovely exterior design can be designed in any natural stone of your choice including Spanish limestone, French limestone and Italian limestone. After all it is your space, so you can do anything you want with it. To learn more about Exterior Limestone Project 2, please call us at 1-888-272-0630.

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