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VENEZIA Stone Stove Hood 60″ wolf Range

VENEZIA is a 60” Stone Stove Hood that is designed to fit perfectly in your kitchen. Delicately made, this is Stone Stove Hood only passes through the hands of the best in its making. This elegant piece can be custom made to fit your luxury built kitchen in California, Miami and South Dakota. Its design can vary, with its construction, size and finishes being made to deliver a piece that fully fits your style and taste. A simple yet elegant part of your kitchen, VENEZIA will create that one focal point that everyone will be marveling at. At the heart of your kitchen there will be a priceless piece, a real piece of art that would make your luxury home look more elegant.

Product Specifications

48" Range or Stove:
Overall Width:70"
  36" Range or Stove:
Overall width:60"
60" Range or Stove:
Overall Width:90"


Product Video

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Technical Drawing

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Lead Time

Max Six Weeks