Spanish cream marfil columns in New york bathroom

Spanish Cream Marfil Doric Marble Column in Bathroom

Spanish crema marfil Doric marble column in bathroom is elegantly crafted from crema marfil marble specifically for your luxury home. spanish Crema marfil is a high quality marble that is mined in West Alicante province and North of Marcia province in Spain. The stone has a creamy white background tone. This luscious warm tone works very well with most colors.Combine this creamy white color in your bathroom with metallic tones and let the colors inspire you and enliven your life. You can mix a variety of colors in the bathroom with this column to create an interesting and lively look. But if you prefer playing it safe use neutral colors in different tones and shades.The Spanish crema marfil marble’s calcium veins in soft brownish color provide an element of boldness and eclectic feel. But, then the marble does not contain any other mineral intrusions. This top of the range Doric marble column is hand crafted to deliver unique detail. The overall design is rather simple yet elegant. Doric in style, simple but powerful looking.The double arches around the rounded column work well to deliver a great point of interest in your custom built home’s bathroom. The lovely arches are crafted to precision. The arches on top of the shaft are not just built to provide a visual effect, but also to support the weight of the roof. For a more lavish finish to your bathroom you can have several of these columns around your bathtub.The column will make your bathroom look and feel like a princess bathroom. A truly stately bathroom is what you will have after the column is installed. The marble’s creamy white tones will go well with any deep marble soaking bathtub that is featured in the room. Spark your imagination with this lovely column. The column can also be featured in other rooms including the bedroom and the kitchen.The column is certainly beautifully, it features a polished finish that makes it resistant to humidity. However, if you prefer any other finish, the same can be arranged. Apart from spanish cream marfil, the column can also be crafted from any other natural stone that you want. The colors on the column can be worked on to deliver a product that is personalized just for you. To learn more about the Spanish cream marfil Doric Marble Column in Bathroom, please call us at 1-888-272-0630, where we are always happy to help.

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