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SARTHE Simple Marble Medallions

Beat the Boredom with Sarthe Simple Marble Medallions
They say simplicity is divine. The Sarthe simple marble medallions are very simple in design. But their simplicity does not betray their elegance and richness. These floor medallions are created to make a lasting impression in your palatial home. They are meant to help bring a lovely touch of nature into your space.
The Sarthe marble medallions have been created from finely veined Spanish marbles. Apart from the veining these Spanish marbles carry with them some very interesting physical and chemical characteristics which make them great ornamental stones. The stone is dense, hardy and quite compact. These characteristics also make the marble medallions durable and more resistant to abrasive agents. The stones’ mechanical characteristics are amazing. Sarthe Simple Marble Medallions should last several generations when they are accorded proper care.
The floor medallion is in a traditional circular design. The design does not include a border on the edges of the medallion, which is quite interesting. A little unconventional, but interesting. This natural stone product is created through the use of water jet cut machines. Though simple water jet cut machines were used to ensure the simple design came out as desired. The design features two warped rectangles. The rectangular shapes have been created using very colorful tones of light tarn and brown with variations in tones on various areas.
The rectangles are set on an evenly colored Spanish marble that is in creamy white. To create a more fascinating product without bringing boredom or eliminating it if it ever existed, beautiful circles on each end of the shorter sides of the rectangles were made. The circles are in a different tone from the ones used on the rectangles. On the light tarn rectangle the circles are in brown while on the brown rectangle the circles are in light tarn. The circles are breathtaking. They do not only break any monotony that might have been there but they also help deliver the “punch line” in this design.
Sarthe simple marble medallions are perfectly suited for your home’s entryway. The color contrasts that are offered by the stone will help to liven your space and add an element of sophistication.
Standard diameter sizes for the marble medallion are 36”, 48”, 60” and 72”. You can also get this product custom made to your dimensions. Even the thickness can be worked on. For more information about the Sarthe Simple Marble Medallions, visit Marvelous Marble Design, Inc.

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Diameter can be 36",48",60",72" and any custom Size

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