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ROSSETTI custom marble medallions design

Have you heard of Gabriel Charles Dante Rossetti? If yes what do you know about this great Italian man? Let’s cut to the chase, he is a great Italian poet. Rossetti changed the order of his names to stress his kinship! Rossetti custom marble medallions have strongly borrowed from the legend. The medallions have not only borrowed his name but also several aspects about art, something that he did with very well during his lifetime.
Rossetti custom marble medallions design is perfectly designed for the entryway, great room or living room. This beautiful water jet cut Italian marble medallions create a point of interest that is visually appealing. With a tasteful polished finish, Rossetti custom marble medallions design will not only impress you, but also leave your custom built home looking amazingly you.
Rossetti is created from one of the most elegant Italian natural stones. The Italian marble used to make this ornate masterpiece is very appealing. Anybody who understands the value of natural stones will fall in love with this stone. The stone is very durable with its tightly interlocked grains held together naturally. This quality makes the stone suitable for your luxury home’s interior and exterior. Use it in the entryway or in your swimming pool for a lavish finish.
This is a breath taker that is going to lighten up your custom built home in Beverly Hills. With a depressed octagon in the middle of the medallion, Rossetti incorporates a range of lovely shapes and patterns. The depressed octagon is expertly done in absolute black with a touch of rojo Alicante inside the octagon. Rojo Alicante is also used on the floral patterns which emerge from the outlines of the depressed octagon. The floral patterns on these custom marble medallions are all done on a magnificent crema marfil background.
Imperial gold on the other hand is the dominant color on the design. These tones are used on a range of areas on the design including in the circular medallion’s border.
Rossetti custom marble medallions design come in standard diameter sizes of 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches and 72 inches. You can get this product custom made to your dimensions. The product can basically be customized for you including sculpturing one from Spanish or French marbles. To learn more about Rossetti custom marble medallions design and how it will transform your luxury home, kindly visit Marvelous Marble Design, Inc.

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Diameter can be 36",48",60",72" and any custom Size

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