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MARACO Stone Range Hood in South France

The Maraco stone range hood is no ordinary  hood. This range hood is crafted from the amazing French limestone. The stone is filled with character and personality. The stone is known to last for decades. These qualities make the range hood a befitting adornment in personalized cook areas. This range hood will pose comfortably and beautifully in your kitchen in California and Toronto. 

This fine piece of art is handcrafted using a range of hand tools to give it a high quality finish. The linear shape on the frieze makes the hood look grander. With magnificent corbels and a royal back splash, the hood’s features are balanced by its subdued mantel like appearance. This is a premier product for a premier home. 

It is often said that you need to use a few neutral colors “here and there” to play the delicate balancing act. However, with Maraco stone range hood you do not need to play with the colors. Its harmonious whitish and pale yellow hues play the role more aptly. There is nothing that is too much – everything is well balanced not to spoil your décor party. 

The colors in the stone will blend in with virtually all colors that may be present in your luxurious kitchen. This kitchen stone range hood makes it easier for you to create a powerful focal point in your kitchen. 

Because the kitchen much like the living room and the dining room calls for a lively mood, the beautiful pale yellow tones help to bring this and much more. This will not only make your kitchen an area of comfort and coziness it will make it an ideal family room. It should not come as a surprise when more and more hours are spent in the kitchen once the hood is installed. 

This powerful natural stone range hood is crafted to build an overall tone for your stately kitchen. With everything taken in to consideration the hood is easy to install. You can even install this range hood by yourself. 

This stylish stone range hood can be crafted to meet your specific requirements in size. The hood can be crafted with more intricate carvings to add a personalized touch. If you take our advice we will gladly supply you with a much larger range hood to deliver a stunning look in your kitchen. For more information and insights into the world of range hoods, call us on 1-888-272-0630.

Product Specifications


48" Range or Stove:
Overall Width:70"
  36" Range or Stove:
Overall width:60"
60" Range or Stove:
Overall Width:90"

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