Ionic limestone Columns for custom built home in new york

Ionic limestone column (Greek Architecture)

The Ionic limestone column is generally known for being more slender and subtle, but this architectural element is imposing and prominent. The platform base/ stylobate lead-up are perfectly linear, and shaped in a block layout that gives the Ionic limestone column a strong and bold look. The capital has the Ionic archetype: scrolling volutes that curl inwards and have a floral theme that are visible in a north-east-west-south direction. The abacus follows the volutes and is an extraordinary display of handiwork that shows you the class of this limestone column. The entablature that is resting on the ionic Limestone column has a divine architrave that is separated into two different bands, and a frieze that is connected to the cornice, which is laced with dentils and joists. The crown, or corona, on top hoist your moulding ceiling or border frame. The moulded swag clefts and seemingly floral presence aid the natural look of your dream and custom home by giving it the ambience of a garden. Influenced by the ancient Greek architecture, this marble column will beautifully kiss the Spanish cream marfil 36

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