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Custom Marble Floor Design

Home improvement takes many forms, the most common one being floor installation. Whether you wish to do a major floor installation or a simple inspiration, a custom marble floor design will always come in handy. This design combines amazing colors and patterns to create an inspirational interior design that will transform your house. With a perfect mixture of white, black, golden brown and black gray colors, this floor design creates a neutral décor effect that is perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. It’s a perfect backdrop for your bright-colored installations such as couches, wallpapers, cabinets, and tables. Which other better way to induce a sense genuineness and comfort in your house than to create a custom marble floor design with neutral colors?

The brown color is considered to be a color of nature and is quite appealing to the eye. So, a custom marble floor design will give you a sense of stability and naturalness, which makes you feel secure. Furthermore, these colors enable the floor design to add intensity and depth to your room. In situations where you want to fill up an empty space in a large room, this floor design is the ideal solution as it contains colors that add warmth and intimacy. And with the touch of white shades, the design creates a sense of freshness in your room. 

A combination of brown and white shades gives customized elegance without appearing too conservative.  It also helps to highlight the bold aspects of your house. If used properly, this design will create a sophisticated sense of elegance and completeness, especially in areas where there is too much space. Given its neutrality, custom marble floor design can match a wide range of other décor elements in your house. You therefore don’t have to overhaul your interior decorating fittings in order to install this floor design. And also you don’t have to keep changing your floor because this design represents the past, present and future. 

Cool colors have a way of soothing our emotions and intellect. This marble floor design is therefore ideal for private rooms such as bedrooms, study rooms, and offices, where focus, concentration, and relaxation are necessary. You can also use this design to make your house feel more comfortable and welcoming. When complimented with a special type of lighting, the custom marble floor design can be helpful in developing an artistic value in your house. It also works perfectly with natural light.  

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