Marble Fireplace Mantel | Toronto | California| New york

CLASSIC Limestone Fireplace Mantel Design

This fireplace mantle design is from the 20th century custom built homes in South California or Palm Beach. It is a very refined mantle and can bring out the beauty of your living room. When your mantel is installed and finished, it looks as if the entire mantel is one piece, because the masonry installed the mantle very carefully. This fireplace mantel is designed in stone layers that are moving into the inside. On the over mantle we have the same design. In the middle of the over mantel we have a picture frame molding, that is the centre of your mantel and can catch the eye the first time you look at it. Over the over mantle, we have a very beautiful crown molding that compliments the entire mantel. There is a marble surround around your fireplace. The surround of the mantle has a depth of about 6 inches or 7 inches. The hearth of the mantel is just astounding because even though the floor is also limestone, the hearth can still show its beauty. With its precise carvings and glorious design, it brings a wow to your custom built home.

Product Specifications

 Approximate Adjustable Dimensions
Overall Size: (W X H) 78"X60"

Opening Size: (W X H)38"X38"

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Lead Time

 Max Six weeks