Marble Flooring Designs for Your Luxurious Home in Dallas Texas

Wonderful Marble Flooring Designs for Your Luxurious Home in Dallas

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What is in a signature? Those in the know understand the importance of a signature. A signature simply helps to identify you! Your custom made home also needs a personal touch too. The personal touch in your luxurious villa in the beautiful suburbs of Dallas is your signature. Imagine having a personal touch added on the floor! Yes, the floor needs a personal touch. And true to its visibility your signature will be right there for every to see.

The moment a guest steps into your luxurious home he will definitely tell that this is really your home. No questions asked as long as your signature is right there on the floor. Don’t take this literally. Your signature here is going to be a beautiful, personalized marble floor medallion. Capri Medallion (Signature Collection) with Tuscany Borders is well personalized. It is a wonderful marble floor design fit for any high end home. This beautiful medallion is skillfully created from Italian marble. The marble is mined from the Carrera region, a region that is renowned the world over for its natural stones.

The marbles are distinctly beautifully. The colors and the shine on the marbles is one aspect of their beauty. This beauty is enhanced by the sheer strength of the stone. This floor medallion is fit for a king’s palace! The marble is long lasting. With the medallion you will have created your own palace. Unlike other floor designs, you can install the medallion anywhere. It works perfectly in the foyer, entranceway, or any other room including your majestic living room.

Everything on this marble flooring designs seems so comfy looking and the colors – very soothing. This medallion is exactly what is needed in your custom built home in Dallas. The medallion features elaborate Tuscany borders which brings a Mediterranean feel into your home. The beautiful Tuscany borders are expertly done to break monotony in large rooms. This medallion is perfect for room framing.

The unique patterns on the medallion are a unique artistic legacy. The flowery patterns are stunning to look at, beautiful and calming. They are sure to create a new focal point in the foyer, entryway, or in any room where the floor design is installed. The medallion will interest everyone in your beautiful home. The color palette on the medallion will leave your guests awed.

The white color of the marble will make your space feel nice and warm. If you want you can even match the color on the floor with that on the ceiling using this medallion. A touch of sophistication in your décor is what will really make your space look more beautiful.

The result of having this custom floor design is a final signature right in the heart of your custom built home in the suburbs of Dallas. The floor design can be custom made by water jet to make it fit the size of your choice.

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