The Vanderbilt custom limestone Veneer for Your home exterior facades

The Vanderbilt Classic Custom Veneer for Your Residence

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If your lavish home is in one of the eight constituent neighbourhoods in Chicago, then you must be feeling good about your achievements in life. But do you know that you can do some justice to your luxurious home? How?

Do not allow your home to look and feel like ordinary. King of Prussia has consistently been ranked among the most expensive places in the nation. This is a fact you can check the stats later. For this reason you cannot allow your lavish home to dent the reputation that is associated with your home town. Create your own customized abode by adding a few lovely finishing touches to it to create a unique, lively looking custom built home.

Your  home in Chicago should be able to tell people about your persona. The Vanderbilt classic custom veneer is something that you can use to achieve this quite easily. The veneer is made from solid, genuine Indiana Limestone. The Indiana limestone is mined from Bloomington, Indiana from where the best quality limestone in the U.S. comes from.

This natural stone sawn veneer is as strong as a stone can get, which makes it awesome for your home’s exterior. Vanderbilt classic offers a real clean look, the kind of look that you can only find in the highest quality limestone. This stone is just right for the climatic conditions in Pennsylvania. Your stylish home’s exterior will remain beautiful many years after its installation as the seasons come and go.

If you actually want that old world stone look, Vanderbilt is sure to deliver. No other veneer out there can deliver a visual effect that is as pronounced as the Vanderbilt. This is the perfect complement to any building material that has been used to construct your custom high end home. Your home’s exterior will exhibit the subtle natural color of the Indiana limestone.

This product’s full bed thickness and precision cut modular structure allows your mason to go full depth and make corner returns at whatever depth. Although quite strong this veneer can easily be trimmed to fit window openings, and corners.

To install the veneer because of the modular units that you will receive you will be able to save some money. Its installation can be done using traditional brick ties. Lastly with the Vanderbilt you get a time tested and proven product. Let us not expound on that, it is rather clear. If you want to learn more about the Vanderbilt veneer please visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc

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