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The Spectacular Ornate Bianco Paonazzetto Marble Columns for Your Home in Washington, DC

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If you own or are about to own a new home in the heart of Washington, DC, then you probably need to make your home an exclusive one. Just a block away from The Capitol; The United States Capitol is the outstanding Supreme Court Building. Have you had a look at it? The building does look amazing. It is a marvel to watch. One thing that makes this building look stunning is the 16 marble columns which stand right in front of the building. You can make use of marble columns for your home as well to make it stand out.

Fantastically hand carved marble columns can be installed to accent both the interior and the exterior of your custom built home. They can stand in any room and just give it an appeal that is unique. Marble columns in your luxurious home will represent the high culture of the Empire, something that we all would love to be associated with. But not all of us are from royalty! If your luxurious home is big then it is a crime not to have the columns installed! No one will arrest you for it!

The Ornate Bianco Paonazzetto marble columns are sure to enrich the beauty that adorns your custom built home with the timeless elegance of the finest Italian marble. These columns are crafted by skilled craftsmen by hand from Bianco Paonazzetto marble. Bianco Paonazzetto is one of the finest Italian marbles, a rare gem that is mined from Cararra. The stone is bright white with purplish veins, talk of lovely veining. The natural beauty of the stone coupled with the great craftsmanship behind the column makes it look amazingly warm and well structured.

The Paonazzetto with its beauty is very popular among the Italians who use it to make floors and ornaments in addition to columns. The natural light tone of the Paonazzetto allows any room where you have installed the columns to blend in with nature seamlessly. The columns are available in polished and honed finishes.

These columns feature an ornate capital and they are rock solid, yes, literally. Its surface is fluted but you can also get it in spired or detail carved. The Ornate Bianco Paonazzetto marble columns are designed to be the perfect finishing piece in any interior and exterior design work.

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