custom Luxurious Marble flooring design in california dream house

Marble flooring design for a Traditional and Luxurious Dream Home

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Germany is a country known for big cars and heavy machinery; but perhaps less so for its Lahn Marble. Found in a small mining village called Villmar in Limburg-Weilburgh District in Germany, Lahn Marble has quite some history. Your house’s floor can join historic buildings such as the Empire State Building in NewYork and the King Conrad Memorial in Germany in the list of historic architectural marvels that are artfully decorated using Lahn Marble.

What more, Lahn Marble is used in making Custom marble flooring designs. Forget about the new building technologies form a moment. Modern technologies advocate for fiberglass and terracotta as the main flooring material. If you want your house to remain unique and tastefully luxurious dump these. Have your custom built home’s floor redone using the Lahn Marble’s Custom Palazzo Medallion.

Traditional houses always have an aura of mystery. You can add to the twist by featuring a Custom Palazzo Medallion on the entryway of your house. Possibly add a couple more in the living room and master bedroom floor. People will always find you interesting if you seem to have a ‘dark’ side to you. They will love to be associated with you and to them; you represent the new Hollywood drama to critique.

Of course making your house comfortable is your number one concern. But a little attention from friends and guests is not bad. Getting compliments from people about your taste is good for your heart. This is how much your house’s floor can turn your life into an interesting day to day marvel.

If your dream home’s floor is made of wood such as American Walnut, Bubinga, Ebony, Shadua etc. This is not a reason not to have the Custom Palazzo Medallion on your floor. Most manufacturers of natural stone floor designs can make custom designs that can match the color of your wooden floor. So, wooden or not, marble floor design is yours.

Remember the goal is to have beautiful artwork on your floor. It is what people will see the moment they get into your house. It is important to make a lasting impression if your house is going to see an increase in traffic of guests and visitors. The medallion artwork is your partner in realizing this dream.

You see, high end homes are always custom built to meet the needs of high end clientele. These homes make the people who own them look rich even if they are not. Your custom built home is supposed to be luxurious and conspicuously elegant. What is it that can bring style and elegancy into your space? Nothing else but a Custom Palazzo floor design!

The artwork and décor is made to show off artistic talents of the ages bygone. It would be a mistake not to feature this creatively designed Custom Palazzo Medallion in your custom built luxurious home.

The varieties of the Custom Palazzo Medallions’ artwork available are inexhaustible. You can get the décor in wood, canvas, or marble.

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