Marble Fireplace Mantel Crafted from Spanish Crema Marfil

Napoleon Marble Fireplace Mantel Crafted from Spanish Crema Marfil Marble for Your Exquisite Custom Built Home

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During home construction many things seem to go through the minds of new home owners. I know this because I interact with new home owners on a daily basis. My interaction is not just with new home owners but exclusive residence owners. The biggest question in their minds is often, how do I make my custom built home look more elegant? Those who live large basically want to outdo each other. Are you in this league? If yes then you know what I am talking about.

Today the easiest and certainly the quickest way to bring elegance into your luxurious home is to have a marble fireplace mantel installed. A quality mantel will turn any ordinary room into a showpiece of real quality. Mantels have been proven to add a sparkle in life; they help to remove the dullness in life replacing it with everything good that life has to offer. For instance great, intimate parties can be hosted right next to the fireplace.

The Napoleon Marble Fireplace Mantel is a fantastic piece that is made from first grade Spanish Crema Marfil Marble. The marble is significantly different from the usual Spanish Crema Marfil marble. It is cleaner with a paler background and less veining. The colors are also very consistent and pleasant to the eye. A lower grade Crema Marfil features more veining and the shading in the background color is not very appealing. More veining in the marble can also cause breakages during installation of the fireplace mantel in your home.

The first grade crema marfil marble is mined from Levantina’s El Coto quarry in Spain. It is the best crema marble in the world. Napoleon marble fireplace mantel features unbeatable physical qualities and is resistant to impact. This ensures that you do not only have a beautiful fireplace but also a long lasting one, one that will last several lifetimes.

The fireplace mantel surround is sculpted by hand and it offers very fine details. The fine details on this piece are quite rare today because of the mantel surrounds are made using machines. The piece is a classic that also features elegant lines to capture your imagination.

The surface of the stone allows the mansion to give you your finished Napoleon marble fireplace mantel in any type of finish that you want. Similarly you can even have this fireplace mantel sculptured from Bianco Statuario or Bianco Calacatta.

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