Marble Fireplace Mantel Surround for Your Stylish Luxury living room

Marble Fireplace Mantel Surround for Your Stylish Home

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The possibilities for your luxury home in Santa Monica, California are endless with the range of fireplace surrounds, mantel pieces, fascias, frames and inserts. There is so much that you can do for your home using these magnificent pieces to liven the environment around your custom built home. These pieces will for sure help you achieve the perfect look and feel for your home. Love it or hate it, your home will soon become the envy of many with its well appointed fittings.

The marble fireplace mantel surround is just one of the outstanding pieces that you can use for your fireplace in the living room. This stylish mantel surround is hand carved, yes in this age and time you can still find an authentic hand carved piece. Do not be fooled by machine carved marble mantels! The Napoleon marble fireplace mantel surround is as graceful as it can get. It is a beautiful addition to any space, just perfect for your custom built home.

Because the mantel surround is hand carved, it features more finer details that are rarely found in artworks today. Machines cannot bring out these details. The design of the natural stone mantel is classic. The design includes very elegant lines that can only be achieved by the greatest craftsmen. The size and style of the surround will definitely transform your the setting of your fireplace. This place will soon become the focal point in your home’s living room.

The mantel surround will suit any architectural and furnishing style. The pure white color of the Napoleon Marble blends in with any color scheme that might be present in your living room. Other color options that you can pick from include black, green and beige. With these color options whatever your color presence may be you can surely match it with your interior’s décor.

The inherent variations in shade on this natural stone makes it eye catching. The texture of the stone on the other hand is fascinating. The combination of these properties provides for a more enchanting and more calming effect. For a more defined finish the mantel surround is highly polished and it comes in a variety of sizes. The surround can also be customized to fit any space.

If you love you can go a step further and complement this gorgeous mantel surround with a matching hearth kit or facing. Kindly pay a visit to Marvelous Marble Design Inc to learn more about the Napoleon marble fireplace mantel surround

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