Marble Columns in Custom Built Home in Miami florida

Give Your Spectacular Custom Built Home in Miami A Perfect Finish with Ornate Majesty Marble Columns

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While marble columns have had their popularity greatly increase over the last decade they are still perceived as a preserve for the very wealthy. Not every home owner can have these fittings in his home, it is a status symbol. There is no amount of opulence that can beat marble columns.

If you’re looking to awe and declare your wealth then you have no substitute for marble. The stone is naturally hard and amazingly beautiful, and it comes at the right price to showcase your status. The inherent beauty of the stone makes it a must have for any perceptive home owner. Its beauty naturally blends in to lend a great sense of richness and natural beauty to your custom built home or be it your dream home.

Ornate Majesty Marble Column is one of the rare marble columns that have been used in some of the most lavish homes in the most expensive residential neighborhoods in the United States. This is just the right product for your custom built home in Miami where style meets substance. The column is hand carved from the stunning and amazingly hard Bianco Statuario marble.

Bianco Statuario is one of the finest marbles excavated from Italy. But, you can also have the same column hand carved specifically for your home from Bianco Paonazzetto which is also an Italian marble filled with finesse. Bianco Paonazzetto is bright white with purplish veins and it will make any room in your custom built home more exclusive and enveloping.

The elegant design of the column features an expertly sculpted scroll. Its square base and ornate capital will fill your home with the radiance of opulence. The square base offers a look of stability and strength. While the natural shine that radiates from the stone fills the room with brightness. The column is sure to shift attention from all the other parts of your luxury home with its acanthus leaf and hanging grape vine décor.

Bianco Statuario is one of the most precious marble varieties, with this column you will certainly be getting the very best. Its distinctive veining and resistance to scratching makes the column suitable for the living room where activities abound. The outstanding colors of the marble also display the marble’s natural beauty and fill the interior of your home with a feeling of majestic glamour. This solid Bianco Statuario ornate majesty marble column can be carved according to your stylish home’s size requirements.

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