French limestone fireplace Mantel in Gothic Style mansion in New york

French limestone fireplace Mantel For Your elegant Residence

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Modern fireplaces add style to any living room space. You may have noticed how your eyes wonder from the fireplace back to the fireplace whenever you visit your friends’ homes. The fireplace is a lovely addition in any home. It offers a new and interesting focal point in your living room. If you want to add that missing element in your custom built home, then get a fireplace that fits your style.

The French Caramel Elegance Mantel is just one of the fireplaces that are currently making the buzzing in custom home construction cycles. Do not let the name of the mantel deceive you, this piece is hand carved from Bianco Statuario marble. It is one of the finest Italian marbles that you can find anywhere.

Anyway the name of the mantel shows you where the artist drew inspiration from while carving it. On the other hand the marble is splendidly hardy and beautiful. Bianco Statuario marble on its own is a real gem even without any work having been performed on it. The stone carries real value.

By installing any Bianco Statuario product in your home you will not only be adding natural beauty into your luxury home you will also be adding value to the home. This will come in handy if you decide to sale your luxurious home. God forbid, this should never happen, you have built your home, and you should live in it.

The French limestone fireplace Mantel is made to bring timeless beauty with its simple yet elegant design. An ideal symmetry of great workmanship that is in harmony with the natural beauty of Bianco Statuario is well showcased in this masterpiece. A lovely flower theme is artistically displayed in different patterns on the piece. The delicate curves of this hand carved French fireplace will help to bring the right balance into your living room.

The combination of colors and the unique look of the marble makes a fantastic accent for almost any room in your luxury home. If you would like to make your home even more stunning you can have the fireplace fitted with a towering over mantel. A ceiling high over mantel is just right. The over mantel is a terrific work of art which will make your living room stand out. Basically it will make any room where it is installed stand out!

To get more information about the French Caramel Elegance Mantel fireplace and over mantels visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

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