White Limestone Columns in California | Marvelous Marble Design

White Limestone Columns and Balustrade

This beautiful white limestone columns can be the focal point to your luxury home entrance in New York. With a unique design and wonderful brick pattern joints, and a wonderful top balcony, this is the key to your custom designed home. The stone can be changed to marble or sandstone in your order. This piece is a Doric design that is ideal for a main entrance or beside a pool for a Roman Empire look. You can make this design a 2 story column that will be placed on a balcony. This column is a decorative column and is a load bearing piece. This is a plain top column, which means that there is no flower design on the top of the piece. These white limestone column are installed as exterior columns, but can be designed to be an interior column. These white limestone columns comes in a spit formation, which means that it is in 4 pieces when it arrives and you can place it around a post. You can have this column in your garden with your wonderful stone fountain. The base of this piece has a design on it for extra beauty and eye catching features. The top is a gorgeous design with carvings to enhance the natural beauty of this piece. The column will be the focal point in every part of your home.

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