custom reproduction of antique marble fireplace mantel in New York

The Beautiful Custom Reproduction of Antique Marble Fireplace Mantel

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I believe you may have noticed how fireplace mantels are able to command attention just about in any room. You should have noticed this, basically if not in your home, in a friend’s luxurious home. We often associate the fireplace with a stylish focal point. The mantel can be more than just a simple shelf in the room. If you are currently building or simply planning to build your custom home then you should consider having a stylish fireplace mantel installed. This will help to accent your space.

custom reproduction of antique marble Fireplace mantels come in a variety of simple and complex styles to make a style statement in your home. One of the most inspiring fireplace mantels is the Antique Louis XVI. This fireplace mantel is made from pure Carrara marble. Carrara marble is certainly the best quality Italian marble. The marble is mined from the Carrara region in Italy. This natural stone is famous across the world due to its uniqueness and the fact that it was one of the favorite stones used by Michelangelo.

Carrara marble is synonymous with exceptional homes. The fireplace mantel utilizes the unique qualities of the stone to bring out the very best of the stone. The mantel is hand sculptured to the very highest quality of craftsmanship. The design of the mantel is unmistakably French inspired and the attention to detail is marvelous. The styling of the fireplace surround accents your custom built home with the timeless appeal of aged stone.

This piece features central detailing which is quite unique and appealing. The central detailing on the piece is probably going to be the main talking point between you and your guests. The console jambs on the other hand help to create a more detailed, more awe inspiring piece.

There is no doubt that the Antique Louis XVI is one of the most terrific antique marble fireplace mantels that you will find anywhere. Its aged patina and the stylish hearth are some of the most amazing features that are offered by the fireplace mantel.

The mantel is actually as a result of intelligent engineering and craftsmanship. This stunning fireplace mantel will help to create in your luxurious home a real landmark. The fireplace is going to be the primary focus in any room where it will be installed.

The standard dimensions of this piece are: Width 4’5” ½ 136 cm, Height 3’6” 1/8 107 cm, Depth 1’2”5/8 37 cm, Inner height 2’9” 1/8 84 cm and Inner width 3’1” 3/8 95 cm. To learn more about the Antique Louis XVI, kindly visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

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