Thin limestone Veneer can Transform your Custom Built Home

How The Thin limestone Veneer can Transform your Custom Built Home

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I can tell you one thing for is sure about the buildings that you see, nine out of every ten houses that you see today with limestone veneers are made out of artificial stone veneer. The only extensive use of real natural stone veneers that you can get to see are to be found in traditional locales where very old buildings abound. These are the places where you will find real stone use being the norm rather than the exception.

But all is not lost. You can get the “real deal” for your custom built home. Natural stone veneers are still available for you, the discerning home owner. You can actually get your home completed with a real stone veneer that oozes with style and old charm. You will get to enjoy the beautiful look of natural stone in every space of your home’s exterior and interior.

100% natural limestone thin veneer is one of the best veneers that you can get anywhere in the world. This veneer is made from, Italian limestone, real natural stone which is relatively hard. The stone has taken centuries to form naturally. The stone does not include any additives. Once it is mined, only modifications to the slab, shape and finish are done to give it its elegant look.

The thin limestone veneer complies with all the acceptable building codes. The veneer’s thickness is less than 2 inches and it weighs about 15 lbs per sq ft. If by any reason space or weight would prevent the use of heavy stone, this thin veneer gives you the freedom to install real stone with real aesthetical and architectural value. Keep in mind that the veneer is offer in various colors, sizes, and textures.

Ultimately the thin veneer is intrinsically “green”. Its raw material is provided to mankind by nature. The near endless reserves of the stone beneath the earth can be repurposed to give your stylish home that perfect finish which only natural stone can provide. If having a real stone in your residential project is a must, then this veneer is a must have. The veneer can be installed on almost any interior or exterior project.

This is the perfect veneer for the completion of your beautiful residential project. The stone is perfect for creating great outdoor spaces that are inspired by nature. Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is a good point of reference to learn more about the thin stone veneer and a host of other amazing exterior architectural products.

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