A Fantastic and luxury Marble Flooring Design in Long Island New York

A Fantastic Luxury Marble Flooring Design That Adds Visual Appeal in your Residence in New York

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New York City is the most populous city in the United States and is right in the center of the NY Metropolitan Area, a busy city it is. This is a great place to live in, with all the beautiful attractions next door, quiet literally. A magnificent dream home for your family in the heart of the city will help in relieving the stress that comes with the hassles and bustles of a busy, noisy city life.

A distinctive custom built home that features only the best accessories such as unique, one-of-a-kind marble flooring would make a big difference in your life. Your friends and colleagues would be wondering why the rush home? But well, you know why? It is not just a home it is a haven for you, thanks to the serenity and beauty that fills your custom built home in New York.

The inherent beauty of custom luxury marble flooring design will help you easy away from the day’s stress as you sit in your favorite couch with a cup of your favorite drink in hand while gazing no where else but on the beautiful floor! The floor design is going to introduce a new, interesting and relaxed focal point in your space. Florence floor medallion fits the bill of an outstanding marble floor design. One of the greatest appeals of this custom floor medallion is its distinctiveness, which mainly comes from its natural attractiveness.

The floor design is beautifully hand crafted from pure Italian marble with its beauty and uniqueness enhanced by the use of modern waterjet technology for precision. This marble medallion brings a feeling of warmth and radiance of harmony, exactly what the doctor ordered for your stress.

The Italian marble used in making the medallion is renowned for its strength and endurance that is only comparable to that of a marathoner. With this piece you can rest easy with the knowledge that you own the best there is in marble floor material. This is the pride of ownership that is only enjoyed by the privileged few.

Florence floor medallion fits in perfectly in any space. This premier product with a distinct touch of class is perfect in your luxurious home right in heart of New York City where beautiful things are appreciated.  This classy medallion features very attractive hues in dark tarn superimposed on a creamy-white Italian marble. The creamy-white color blends in with almost any other art décor that exists in your luxurious home.

The beautiful and bold borders on the floor design will make you personally go “wow.” The large cycle expertly done in dark tarn in the middle of the floor medallion creates an optical illusion of more space. This is a truly magnificent floor design destined to make the ultimate distinction – a true reflection of your unique personality.

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