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Achieve a New Fantastic Look with the Italian Bianco Calacatta marble Floor Design

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Marble is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious building materials that we have in the world. You doubt it? Then tell me what you think is more luxurious than marble. Well? Marble is a great addition in any great custom built home anywhere in the nation. And although marble is mined from many places in the world, the most precious varieties are found in Italy. If you did not know then now you know what to buy. Any other marble won’t give your luxurious space the perfect look. Even to the untrained eye Italian marble will always be distinct from any other marble.

Bianco Calacatta and Bianco Carrara Marble are two of the most gracious marble pieces extracted from Italy. The two stones look the same to the untrained eye. You may also confuse the two because they are both mined in Carrara, Italy. However, there are some differences in the two which you will probably get to see or notice as you interact with your interior designer or architecture. Anyway the Italian Calacatta Honed floor design is what you need for your custom built dream home. This floor design will add a sparkle into your home; it will enliven every room where it is installed.

The Italian Bianco Calacatta marble floor design can be installed in any room or space within your luxury home. This is a statement making piece that you can use to bring out the desired effect in every room. The skirting on this floor design is actually polished. The piece is honed in a satin finish and not chalky honed to ensure you get a long lasting floor. For a better finish have the floor design laid out prior to installation. You can use white blanks to create a less veined whiter appearance, if you love whiter hues.

The dramatic veining along with the subtlety of a softer whiter background of the stone results in thicker and more dominant patterns. This should put your mind to rest every time you step into your home. When this honed floor design is laid out correctly and installed properly you can never get a better marble floor design. The floor design adorns some of the most exquisite buildings throughout the world. If earlier on you doubted that marble is actually one of the most luxurious building materials, now the doubts should be put to rest. To learn more about the Bianco Calacatta Honed Marble floor design please visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc

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